March 7th-13th is National Pet Sitters Week

National Pet Sitters Week MCAH

You can honor National Pet Sitters week by recommending your favorite pet sitter to other pet parents

This week is National Pet Sitters Week! Today we’re going to go over what you need to know to prepare for someone watching your pet while you’re away. We know that it’s hard to leave your fur babies behind, but sometimes it’s necessary for many reasons. Some places aren’t pet-friendly, some loved ones may be allergic to or afraid of pets, and of course, sometimes you need time to yourself (especially if you have children and you’re a pet parent). Here are some valuable tips. 

Leave Your Pet With Someone They Know or An Experienced Pet Sitter

This tip may be obvious, but you want to leave your pet with someone who adores animals, preferably someone they know. Pets feel comfortable around a friendly, familiar face. If a family member, friend, or beloved coworker isn’t available, hire a pet sitter with experience and vet them. Ask them how many pets they’ve owned and cared for, as well as why they love pet sitting. Also, look at reviews! If you go with a pet sitter, it helps to see how they interact with your pet before leaving them with your canine companion or feline friend

What Supplies and Information to Have Readily Accessible

You can think of this as a pet safety kit, but you never want to leave your pet sitter empty-handed, especially in case of emergencies. Ensure that they have enough supplies and detailed information such as:

  • Pet Food/Treats
  • Medication/List of Dosages
  • Veterinarian Information
  • Toys
  • Litter

Create a Sense of Normalcy

Pets have a routine, particularly when it comes to their feeding schedules. Create a sense of normalcy by leaving a detailed list of instructions for your pet sitter to follow. If your pet eats at 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. each day, stress the importance of this. If your pet likes to play and run around outside for most of the day, or they have a favorite toy, ensure that your pet sitter knows this. Whatever brings you pet joy, jot it down. 

How to Honor National Pet Sitters Week

First, always thank the people that have watched your pets, especially if they are friends or family members who were reliable within a moment’s notice. If you have a favorite professional pet sitter, you should recommend them to other pet parents to help keep business booming for them. You can also send them a gift card to show your appreciation. 

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