Maryland: It’s Safe Pet Toys and Gifts Month

mt. carmel animal hospital safe pet toys and gifts month

In honor of Safe Pet Toys and Gifts Month, we want to help you select a safe toy to play with for your pet!

As Christmas approaches, Mount Carmel Animal Hospital wants to let you know that December is Safe Pet Toys and Gifts Month. Considering winter can get long in Maryland, having a fresh supply of toys inside may assist your cat or dog release build-up energy instead of chewing up your personal items or acting in strange ways due to boredom. So, in honor of Safe Pet Toys and Gifts Month, we want to help you select a safe toy to play with for your pet!

Toy Safety for Cats

Kittens love toys. Plus, it’s healthy for mind development. As with children, chances are your cat will wander into the kitchen and find a plastic cup he likes much better than the expensive toy you’ve presented to them. However, be careful before you allow him to play with items he’s found in your house. When selecting a cat toy, consider the following:

  • Although string, yarn, rubber bands, and ribbon are fun to play with, they may be deadly if your cat swallows them. Such long strings can travel lengthwise along your pet’s intestines.
  • Fishing pole-type toys are lots of fun but should be away from your cat when you’re not there to supervise.
  • Avoid plush toys that include nutshells, polystyrene beads, or beans.
  • Remote-controlled battery mice are fun but don’t leave any devices with batteries in them unattended.
  • Even though kittens enjoy playing in bags, don’t let them play with plastic bags because they tend to chew and swallow the plastic.
  • Also, balls and toys should be bigger to prevent your cat from inhaling or swallowing. Practice golf balls or ping pong balls are a perfect size and weight for kittens.

Toy Safety for Dogs

Dogs enjoy chewing. Not only is it enjoyable for them, but it also keeps their teeth clean and strengthens their jaws. But which chew treats and toys are safe for your pet? When purchasing treats and toys in Maryland, if you can’t easily break them, it’s possibly too hard for your dog’s teeth. The following toys are usually safe for dogs.

  • Rope Toys: If your pet is a shredder, ensure they are not swallowing the strings. Otherwise, these are safe.
  • Firm Rubber Toys: The hollow ones typically work well for all chewer types. Just make sure to select the size that fits your dog’s mouth and isn’t so small that they can swallow it.
  • Long-lasting Stuffed Toys: If you have an inhaler or destroyer and eater, avoid buying toys with parts that can quickly come off, such as bells, eyes, or ribbons.
  • Tennis Balls: These are fine for most chewers but keep an eye on shredders who may destroy and swallow pieces of the tennis ball. This approach can wear down their teeth.

Dog Chew Toys to Avoid

Treats such as pig’s ears, rawhides, and bully sticks have been known to trigger tummy problems. Your dog should avoid these types of treats since they can get a piece stuck in their intestines or choke. In addition, anything harder than your dog’s teeth can crack or break a tooth. Therefore, you should avoid cow hooves, bones, chew toys made of nylon or hard plastic, and deer and elk antlers.

Whatever you use during Safe Pet Toys and Gifts Month, play with your pet! Playtime strengthens the bond between you two that will hopefully last a lifetime.

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