It’s National Specially-Abled Pets Day on May 3!

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Learn more about Specially-Abled Pets Day on May 3!

Just like some people need assistance and accommodations to perform daily activities, pets are no exception. Whether it’s a chronic illness, severe injury, physical disability, or another long-term health condition, pets who are specially-abled can experience happy and productive lives with the right care and equipment. In honor of National Specially-Abled Pets Day, Mount Carmel Animal Hospital is sharing information about adopting and caring for specially-abled pups and kittens. 

Before Adopting a Specially-Abled Pet 

Specially-abled animals are loveable. However, adopting a pet with special needs isn’t for everyone. Pets with special needs need significant time, energy, and financial resources to receive the proper care they require. For anyone interested in adopting a specially-abled animal, their heart is probably in it, but it takes more than that to provide a home for a special needs pet. Here are the considerations before you decide to adopt in honor of National Specially-Abled Pets Day:

  • Research – Do your research and understand the ins and outs of the animal’s condition before you adopt a pet with special needs. Do they take daily medicine? Will your new family member require any equipment such as a dog or kitty wheelchair? You need to know as much as possible before you decide to move forward with the adoption.
  • Time If your pet pal has mobility problems, special exercise or equipment might be necessary. This will take time. For some pets, the needs might vary and be more demanding, consuming considerable chunks of your time.
  • Finances – From food to routine health check-ups, sharing your home with a healthy pet is part of being a pet parent. But caring for a specially-abled pet might require medication and that can be expensive. Make sure you address the financial requirements to give your pet the care he or she will need.

When combining the factors of spending significant time and money on your pet, and learning about caring for their unique needs, it becomes clear why pet parents must consider these items before adopting a special needs cat or dog. 

Caring for a Specially-abled Pet

Whether it’s physical or psychological, the type of care your special needs pet requires depends on their medical issue. So, it’s ideal to know and discuss your pet’s particular needs with your veterinarian or anyone else who might help or support regarding the care of your pet. Remember to keep the following in mind when caring for a specially-abled pet:

  • Establish a routine for you and your pet because this creates a sense of comfort for their daily activities. 
  • Specially-abled pets and their owners might both need to complete some training to lead happy, productive lives. Learning new skills and behaviors might be essential to care for the specially-abled pet.
  • Your pet’s daily activities and care will vary, so it’s vital to be patient when working with them. 

As with any new pet, pet owners will have to adjust when they bring their specially-abled pet home. However, you and your best pal can achieve a lifestyle that works best with your needs with the right support, a positive support, and some delicious treats. Happy National Specially-Abled Pets Day! 


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