Winter Pet Safety Tips

pet safety winter tips

Just like people, it’s a great idea to bundle up your fur babies to protect them from the cold this winter

Winter is a season where you can enjoy hot cocoa, the holidays, warm sweaters, and watch Frozen over and over again with the kids. However, winter can be particularly harmful to pets if you’re not careful. The elements during this season can be inclement. Dry and cold air, coupled with chilling rain, can cause chapped paws and itchy skin. But this isn’t the only issue. During wintertime walks, your pets may have exposure to salt used to melt snow and ice. If your pets ingest this snow-melting chemical, it is dangerous. Today we’ll be sharing our top winter pet safety tips so you can keep your fur babies safe from the cold. 

Your Pets Need Proper Shelter During the Winter

The golden rule of thumb to follow here is that if it’s too cold for you to go outside, the same applies to your pet. The weather affects our pets just as it does us. If you leave pets outdoors, they can freeze and become disoriented. You should also never leave your fur babies alone in a frigid vehicle. Cars during the wintertime are equivalent to refrigerators. They hold in the cold, and this can prove to be life-threatening for pets. This tip doesn’t mean that your fur babies shouldn’t get their exercise and go out for a quick walk. It just means that you never want to leave your pets exposed to cold air for extended periods of time.

How to Keep Pets Safe from the Salt

We recommend booties! They are so adorable, and they prevent salt from lodging between your pets’ toes and causing irritation. They’ll also help keep your pet’s feet warm when outside in the winter weather.

What Your Fur Babies Can Wear During Winter Play

Along with booties, we suggest wrapping your pets up in a sweater and jacket. Ensure that wool doesn’t irritate your pup. It’s the perfect insulator, but it can be itchy. Washable wool items with cotton or acrylic in the fabric are ideal because they don’t irritate the skin as much. In particular, with jackets, you want to ensure it doesn’t have buttons or snaps that your pets can chew on or swallow. Also, make sure the jacket fits well. Too tight and your pet will be uncomfortable, but too loose and your baby could end up tripping over its outerwear. We suggest one that has an accessible opening so you can hook a leash on it with ease. Pet parents dislike the smell of wet dog, and guess what? Dogs don’t like to be wet either. For days with heavy rain, you can put your pup in a reflective raincoat or poncho, so they are visible, even on a foggy day. 

For more pet safety tips, keep reading our content. Our goal is to keep your fur babies’ well-being at its best. 

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