February is Pet Dental Health Month

Pet Dental Health Month Mount Carmel Animal Hospital

If your pet’s dental health is awry, then it could lead to other health issues.

Happy February! It’s Pet Dental Health Month. Today we’re going to discuss pet dental disease, some significant statistics that you should know, the signs, symptoms, and risks of dental disease, and dental disease prevention. We’re also going to let you know how to save some money here at Mount Carmel Animal Hospital. Understanding dental disease related to pets matters so much because pets, like humans, need a healthy mouth to prevent other health issues from happening. The body is interconnected and works as a system, so it makes sense not to ignore any aspect of your pet’s health. 

Pet Dental Disease Statistics 

Were you aware that 80% of dogs over the age of three develop gum disease? Also, 80% of cats over the age of four develop it as well. It’s often hard to gauge the symptoms of gum disease at its early stages. For this reason, prevention is significant, as well as being aware of the signs and symptoms. 

Signs and Symptoms

If your pet has chronic bad breath that never seems to go away even after brushing, this could be a sign of severe gum disease. Other symptoms include your pet’s face or mouth swelling, head and mouth swelling, bleeding gums, excessive salivation, loose or broken teeth, your pet continuously dropping food, or your pet using only one side of their mouth to chew. 

The Risks of Not Checking Your Pet’s Dental Health

When gum disease progresses into periodontal disease, your pet could experience gum recession, bone loss, and infection. Once again, the body works as a system. If your pet’s dental health is awry, then it could lead to other health issues. Internal organs staying healthy and functional are significant because they filter the blood, liver, heart, and kidneys. Poor dental health could cause internal organs to become diseased. Plaque buildup and bad breath may not seem like the biggest deal, but they cause bacteria to accumulate in the body. Bacteria leads to toxins potentially entering into your pet’s bloodstream. Fortunately, pet parents can take preventative measures to avoid your pet developing dental disease. This can be accomplished through daily brushing, veterinary recommended dental products, and regular exams with one of our veterinarians.

Honor Pet Dental Health Month and Prevent Dental Disease With a Wellness Exam

At MCAH, our veterinarians examine your pet’s teeth as a part of their wellness exams. If they suspect that there is dental disease, they will find the best course of action, one of them being a dental cleaning. A dental cleaning is honestly the only way to remove tartar and plaque below the gumline. If your pet received a DVM recommendation, you can look forward to saving 10% off of a dental cleaning if you schedule a wellness exam within 30 days! 

Here at Mount Carmel Animal Hospital, We’ll Treat Your Pets Like Family!

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